Why a Whole Exome Kit:

To make personalized recommendations for you, we need to see the whole picture of what makes you who you are. To do this, GATC Canna does a whole exome discovery with millions of data points and billions of interactions.

After sequencing your DNA, we interpret it with our patented artificial intelligence. This gives us the most comprehensive genetic results available and helps us give real recommendations to unlocking the healing potential of Cannabis for you.

What you get with our comprehensive Genetic Cannabis report.
  • Your ideal ratio - what works best for you
  • Potential Medical Cannabis Benefits
    • Pain Management
    • Anxiety Management
    • Sleep Health Improvement
  • Potential Medical Cannabis Risks
    • Cannabis Psychosis
    • Anxiety From Cannabis
    • Cannabis Dependency
  • Metabolic Insights
    • THC Metabolism
    • CBN Metabolism
    • CBD Metabolism
How whole Exome, AI, and cannabis work together:
Cannabis has many interactions in the body and every body is unique. In order to help you understand how cannabis works for you we have to untangle all of the complexity of this medicine. There is no better way to demystify these interactions than to use an AI trained to think like a human body acts. It allows us to predict possible interactions, positive outcomes and ultimately give you the best starting place to deal with things like, addiction, pain, anxiety and sleep. Because like you we want the very best so we've created an unparalleled comprehensive analysis to give you the best outcomes.