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We combine artificial intelligence with your DNA to provide you with the most accurate medical cannabis recommendations.
More Data = More Insight: Our comprehensive DNA test includes an industry leading analysis of more than 6.4 Billion data points of your genome. Competitors only look at 400,000 data points on average.
Achieve Desired Outcomes: Your DNA can determine how you will respond to medical cannabis and help achieve desired outcomes through specific recommendations and precise dosing all while avoiding possible risks, such as drug interactions.
More of What Your Report Will Include:

  • Potential Medical Cannabis Benefits
  • Potential Medical Cannabis Risks
  • Metabolic Insights

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You are one step closer to unlocking the mysteries that make you who you are and how you may benefit from medical cannabis. Not only will you know yourself better, but you can treat yourself better with the insights gained from the GATC Canna report.
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Your Personalized Cannabis Report

Congratulations. When your lab results are complete, your GATC Canna report will be prepared for you in minutes. While the report is easy to understand and provides actionable product recommendation and dosing guidance, we urge you to share this report with your doctor.
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